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RE: Dates of Road America event?

It's due to a number of factors, I found out. The Potomac-Chesapeake region
QCUSA chapter is having trouble with our event because it is a
Monday/Tuesday event.

The tracks fill up _WAY_ in advance. And they run a great deal of lucrative
events (REAL races, not people in driving schools) that bring in spectator
$$$, concession $$$, etc. The track rental fees for a driver safety school
won't make them as much money as holding, say, an IROC race or something.
Plus, older clubs (PCA, etc) get first choice for remaining weekends. Newer
clubs get the last choice.

Finally, it is probably (almost undoubtedly) cheaper to have a weekday event
rather than a weekend event. Would people pay more money to drive on a
weekend? How much? 1/2 more? Double? probably not. Our event at Summit Point
is relatively cheap ($225, including t-shirt AND dinner) and we have maybe
20+ people signed up. So, it is hard to please everyone...

sorry for the long note. This has been something on my mind for the last
three-four days! Because we need to fill our school in Oct 18-19.

'96 A4q

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Kind of a catch 22 though.  If I was working I wouldn't be able to go at all
anyways.  Why don't they schedule these things for a weekend????