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2.5/2.6l (was k24/26 hybrid aka RS2)

Somehow i thought that the beauty of using the 2.5l block, was reuse of pistons and pistonrods etc. wich allready is made for turbo engines..
What exactly do need to be changed for durability ?
-Oil-squirters ?
What is the diff. btw. 2.5 and 2.6l ?

My interest in this is that i will have to do *something* to my block in the near future. a swap to 2.5l would be nice, so i'd appreciate anyone who can give me an idea of the size of this project, in comparison to doing a complete overhaul on the I5 turbo-block.


Kenn Thyrsted
'87 200 TQw

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Dato: 15. september 1999 14:56
Emne: Re: Re: k24/26 hybrid aka RS2

>In a message dated 15-09-99, 8:32:55 AM, OorQue@aol.com writes:
><<>  I have heard that the 2.5/2.6 conversions(95.5mm) arent all that well 
>>  to the turbo motor's, as it is does not like to rev like the 86.5mm stroke
>>  motor's.
>Nonsense ... although you do have to keep a careful eye on piston speed and 
>acceleration rates, the trick here is to use lightweight pistons and rods to 
>keep reciprocating mass down.  Increasing the wristpin size is a good idea, 
>FWIW, several tuners are using 95.5mm stroke cranks in 20v motors with 
>7000rpm redlines and they don't seem to have any problems with it.
>JG >>
>My 2.5 liter 10V turbo Loves to rev, in fact once the rev limiter hits at 
>6,200 it's still pulling quite hard. and that is with a stock head manifold 
>and turbo running 7PSI boost.. Of coure the 9.2 to 1 compression helps some...