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RE: Turbo Swap k24-k26

Peter said;

> I like the quicker pick-up but it runs out of breath at higher rpms.  I
> tend
> not to do the stoplight racer thing, I prefer high speed passing power and
> on-ramp acceleration at these speeds I'm already in the 4-5k rpm range and
> want MORE POWER!!!
> I'm still not convinced that I'm going to get that with the swap to a K26.
> In fact most responses have indicated that the swap will provide more
> power
> but not enough to make up for the downside on the lag.
> I think I'm going to first try shimming the waste-gate and by-pass the
> fuel
> cut-off relay. This was suggested by my mechanic and he has had good
> results
> with this (he says).  Any thoughts from anyone on that account?
I'd strongly suggest that you leave the K24 in the car for now, and get the
car REALLY chipped by a knowledgeable tuner, such as Scott Mockry.  His
chips are like $350 for your car.  The REAL chip mods leave all the factory
safety's for boost and detonation, remaps timing curves for the new boost,
etc.  A good chip feels like a factory setup, safe, reliable, fast and more
or less bullet proof.  The bypass stuff is a real hack compared to a chip.
The MAC-14 motors, with their higher compression especially, need a greater
margin for safety than the MAC-11's.  

Don't skimp on this step.  You've got a (once) $40,000 luxo super car, do it

I have no financial affiliation with Scott, or any other tuner, IUD, blah,
blah, blah.  Just a very satisfied customer...
My .02

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