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[Fwd: Euro-Drive: 84 Audi QUATTROSPORT, No-start/Stall]

Anybody interested in helping this guy? Replies should go directly to
the original poster, NOT to the general iATN address.
Maybe the owner will get frustrated and give the car away to one of us?

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1984 Audi QUATTROSPORT 2.1 L

Trans:         Standard
Mileage:       45,000 kilometers
VIN:           WAUZZZ85ZEA905208
Fuel:          EFI
Ignition:      HALL SENDER TYPE
Emissions:     NA

Symptoms:      No Start, Stall
Occurs:        Cold, Hot


Hello all!

This is a rare car, and therefore I have no technical info
available. Customer complaint, cuts out while driving but
restarts. This never happened to me, but I found the
vehicle would not start in the parking lot one morning. I
unpluged and pluged the hall sender plug at the distributor
(three wire) and the car started. As a test, with the
engine running, I unplugged the hall and the engine quit, I
plugged the plug back in and it would not restart, until I
unplugged and plugged that same connection. I have taken
the distributor appart to look for week connections or bad
wires in the hall, none found. There are no parts available
for this distributor so I reassembled, replaced the three
connections in the plug with new hardware, and problem
still exists. Anyone have any thoughts. I have also checked
all grounds. Thanks Billy.

Billy Smilovsky
Engineeered Automotive
Concord, Ontario, Canada

iATN Technician Sponsor

___________________ TEST AND REPAIR DATA ___________________

Checked for codes and none were found.

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