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Re: Urq bleedin' brakes

In message <09DB74475204D1119C8200805F19D00305B19D95@aeromsg1.ball.com> "Lawson, Dave" writes:

> First off, pentosin is the wrong fluid to use in the hydraulic system for
> your
> vintage ur-q, a US 1983 I believe. You should be using Dexron II ATF in the
> hydraulic system. Also Dexron III is ok, I have been using that.

By default, Audi dealers will fill with hydraulic fluid, not ATF.

IMO this is a _good_ idea, since it prevents the minkey boys from
missing the fact that a 1987 ur-quattro _NEEDS_ Pentosin.  I know you
guys don't have any ur-quattros like this in the States, but we sure as
hell do and I've seen too many systems ruined by the wrong fluid.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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