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RE: Ticket help

Here's a very common Canadian BTDT.  I have personally never used this so I 
don't know whether it will fly in the US.

Your Honor I glanced down at my speedometer and when I looked up I saw that 
the light had turned yellow.  Instead of a panic stop and possibly sliding 
into an intersection where I might have been "T-boned" and caused injury to 
others, I hit the gas to avoid being caught in a very dangerous situation. 
 I realize that this was judgement call on my part but knowing my driving 
skills and my vehicle's limitations I felt it was the right thing to do 
under this specific situation.


Token Disclaimer & Flame Retardant:
I would like to assure all readers that I have not done nor do I condone 
doing this as a method of dealing with the legal system of <insert 
location> and find it appalling that anyone would seek assistance from 
others to do same and feel that <insert first/last name> obviously deserved 
the <insert type> ticket and the subsequent fine and or penalties.

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I know that in WA state there is a law that says that you did not run the
red light if your car entered the intersection at any point under the 
light.  You would have to look in your states code book to see how it is
worded.  The problem is proving you entered under a yellow light.


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>>>-speed too fast for conditions
> If the conditions are driving through  the intersection when the light is
> red or yellow, then I would have to agree with him.  Please no flame.  I
> just don't have much sympathy for people trying to beat the light.
> dB