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KE3-Jetronic /CIS-E III repair and swap

Hello guys and gals,
I need some recommendations regarding ECU repair, more specifically,
a fuel injection control unit which refuses to send the right signal
to the DPR. Once, surfing the net, I ended up in a  site which
promised to get Bosch ECU's repaired. Minimum handling/diagnostic
fee was about $30, if I remember correctly. Unfortunately I lost
(don't ask how) this site's URL... Does anyone know these guys,
or a similar service? Alternatively, I would like to do the diagnostic
and fix myself, if I only had the schematics and parts list...
Another option would be to try to find this ECU in a local junkyard...
anybody knows of an Audi/VW "auto recycler" in the San Jose/ Silicon
area (I'm new around here...)?
Now, my car is a 90' 90, and according to Probst's book, these are other
models which use the KE3-Jetronic: 100/100 quattro, 80/80 quattro, 5k
CSqT (1988)
5k S (1987-1988), Coupe GT (1987-1988). I doubt the code in the each of
these car's
EPROMs is the same, but would it be reasonable to swap ECUs among these
cars without
much worry, say put the '87 5ks ECU in a 90' 90(2.3 l 130hp), even if
the former
has a 2.2 l, 110 hp engine?


'90 90 148k