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Re: Warped window trim-Help?

Jon -

My '87 5k has the same problem, as many do. Apparently the problem was
fixed with the '88's, as you'll notice if you keep an eye out for it
('88's have the newer badges and the newer trunk lock position).

I've also heard that Audi did have a upgrade pack available, to put the
new, non-warping trim on older cars at a reasonable price, but it's no
longer available so the price is now rather high. Never checked the price,
though. Anyone know?

I don't think an adhesive could do the job of straightening them out (and
yes, I did try once)--but I'd love to be corrected.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 159k

> My '87 5ksq has thin chrome stripping around the F/R  passenger windows. It
> has come unglued in some places and warped up a bit. I can press it back
> into the grooves by hand, but getting it to stay there has been a different
> story. It's going to need some kind of strong adhesive, but I'm not sure
> what is safe to use. Any suggestions?
> Thanks!
> Jon
> Jon Archibald
> Civil Design
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