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No subject given

I am a new lister from Denver who just bought a used 5000tqw.  It is one of many
German cars we have owned through the years (including 4kq & GT Coupe), our
other car is an E30 M3.  
Anyway, some question about the car:
-it has a TAP chip, but boost only hits 1.3 bar, is this too low?  I dont think
it has a wastegate spring, but I am not sure, PO didnt really know.
-most of the engine components have been replaced (it's has 137k), but what
should I be looking to replace?  TPS?  
-what other modifications are available that work well?  Manifolds?  Intake
- it has the OEM alloys that are less than attractive, I am looking for either
the OEM fuchs or BBS basket weaves (or S4/6 wheels if they fit).

I think that is almost everything, I hope to contribute to the list soon.

Jamie Schnell
87 5KTQW
88 M3