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Re: 1986 GT rear disk brake conversion?

In a message dated 9/15/99 6:11:58 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Michael.Burke@rossnutrition.com writes:

<< Howdy, does anyone know what other Audi/Volkswagen rear disks could be 
used to
 convert the Drums to Disks on a GT?
 I'm thinking about going to another class in Pro Rally and have a GT that 
 be perfect for Group2 or 5. I would like to do something wih the brakes that
 doesn't entail using 15" or bigger wheels or that is really exspensive!. I 
 to keep it simple. Thanks!!
 Mike Burke
 Irish Volunteer Motorsports
 Cols, Ohio
 1986 4000Q rally car
 1986 Coupe GT
 1986 4000q parts/street urchin

    Check out my Gt site-   web.csuchico.edu/~javad
I describe how I did mine there.  VW parts will not bolt up, wrong lug 
spacing for starters.  Your best bet is a complete 87.5 rear axle, that will 
bolt in.  An 80/90 rear axle will also work, but you will have to figure out 
the parking brake, not a very big problem...
Javad Shadzi