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Re: RS2 (K24/K26)??

BADFISH469@aol.com writes:
> Can you help me by supplying me with a breakdown of HP/Torque and weight of 
> the actual engine (5cyl audi) I know the 4 cylinder is different (more of a 
> Water Cooled VW design.) No one seems to be able to help me here. I need to 
> know the weight of the complete engine assembly and the horsepower and torque 
> that the Audi 5 cylinder puts out.. I know very little about audis, but very 
> much about Porsche and VW cars. Thanks for your help.

The Audi 5-cylinder engine is esssentially the same as the VW 4-cylinder
unit (like those founf in Golf/Jetta, etc) except it has one more cylinder.
The I5 and I4 share many components and certain critical dimensions.
The notable differences are the fact that the I5 drives its distributor
off the end of the camshaft whereas the I4 is off a separate intermediate
shaft.  The I5 has a timing belt driven water pump whereas on
the I4 it is alternator belt driven.

Both the I4 and I5 have evolved over the years and there are many
different variations (gas v. diesel, carb v. injection, N/A v. turbo,
2V/cyl v.  4V/cyl (and recently on the I4 5V/cyl), displacement changes,
etc.)  Many of these changes occurred both on the I4 and the I5.

Thus, unless if you are referring to a particular engine code no
one can quote you a HP/torque output.  The I5 makes anywhere from a
paltry 60-ish hp (older diesel) to near 1000hp (racing 20V turbo)...

BTW if you're still thinking about putting an I5 in a 924, you might
as well stop thinking.  It's not a reasonable project.

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