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Re: '83 5kt Engine and head specs

Alan Kramer writes:
> I've been posed with an interesting possibility and wanted to get some 
> opinions on it.   In searching for an MC motor for transplant into my '83 
> CGT, I've come across a 1983 5kt for free.   Checking the specs in my 1982 
> Audi brochure, I see the '82 5kt has the same size engine (2144) with 79.5 
> bore x 86.4 stroke.  Interestingly enough, this seemed awfully familiar, and 
> sure enough that matches the specs given two columns over for the CGT.  
> However, compression for the turbo is given as 7.0 to 1 whereas the CGT is 
> 8.2 to 1; indicating to me the difference is in the head.  Is this true?

Also likely different pistons, perhaps different crown shape.

> Although in the end (assuming no other modifications which would not be 
> true) I'd have a 130 hp CGT instead of 165, it seems this would make the job 
> simpler, and damn cheap in comparison considering the donor car would be 
> free...  (Question:  what am I missing here?)

It's that labor v. return question again.  If you're going to go through
the trouble of an engine swap, why not go with one that makes more power?
I am convinced that there is really much less work to transplant the 83 turbo
engine than an MC.

> Would it be possible to swap heads between the two engines, use my exisiting 
> block and existing CIS (and wiring), and add the turbo, downpipe, related 
> parts etc...?  Has anyone any experience / documentation on a conversion 
> like this?

No BTDT, but the turbo block has oil jets below the piston to cool them.

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