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Re: Re: [Fwd: Euro-Drive: 84 Audi QUATTROSPORT, No-start/Stall]

In a message dated 9/15/99 10:50:04 PM, jdlarson@ix.netcom.com wrote:

<<Ian, as I do not believe in the existence of vapor lock in a high
pressure fuel system, I would have to say no. I know nothing of this
car, I was only the forwarder of the plea for help. Personally, I would
think the customer would have chosen an expert SQ guy to work on it.
After all, he couldn't be that far away from a whole swarm of them. Of
course, he could bring it out here to sunny CA and I could keep it here
and work on it 'til I was sure all the bugs were out of it. I would have
to test drive it extensively to assure it was not going to happen again.
Say, for a few years.........

extensive testing and then a retest will surely be needed...just bring it by 
my place and I 'd be glad to help with the final exams....