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Re: '83 5kt Engine and head specs

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From: Alan Kramer <ackramer@hotmail.com>
To: quattro@audifans.com <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Wednesday, September 15, 1999 9:21 PM
Subject: '83 5kt Engine and head specs

>I've been posed with an interesting possibility and wanted to get some
>opinions on it.   In searching for an MC motor for transplant into my '83
>CGT, I've come across a 1983 5kt for free.   Checking the specs in my 1982
>Audi brochure, I see the '82 5kt has the same size engine (2144) with 79.5
>bore x 86.4 stroke.  Interestingly enough, this seemed awfully familiar,
>sure enough that matches the specs given two columns over for the CGT.
>However, compression for the turbo is given as 7.0 to 1 whereas the CGT is
>8.2 to 1; indicating to me the difference is in the head.  Is this true?

The Compression change is in the pistons.

>Although in the end (assuming no other modifications which would not be
>true) I'd have a 130 hp CGT instead of 165, it seems this would make the
>simpler, and damn cheap in comparison considering the donor car would be
>free...  (Question:  what am I missing here?)

I built an 83 5000 turbo a few years back, Using the stock 83 5KT motor, Ign
system and the 86> intake manifold with intercooler. It was putting out
about 220-230hp @14Lbs boost (The tyres broke traction on the dyno at 190hp
at the wheels as the shop tech did not expect to see those kind of #'s from
a motor only supposed to put out 130hp at the flywheel.....)

>Would it be possible to swap heads between the two engines, use my
>block and existing CIS (and wiring), and add the turbo, downpipe, related
>parts etc...?  Has anyone any experience / documentation on a conversion
>like this?

The head on the turbo has the sodium filled exhaust valves, the pistons are
diffrent(for the lower comp.)The turbo block has the piston oil squirters
and the holes drilled in the block for oil return,The fuel head is
calibrated diffrently.

With this motor there is no computer chip mod, Just the wastegate spring
mod.(diffrent spring than on the 84> cars.as the wastegate is actuated by
the exhaust pressure, the 84> use intake pressure) It has the dual vac.
distributer,and the timing is adjustable (factory setting is 21deg @
Probably a good idea to upgrade the turbo to the 85.5> watercooled type for
longer life
The 84> manifold is a must as there is probably not enough room for the
original style,Plus it makes it easier for intercooling.

>Thanks for any comments,