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Re: RS2 (K24/K26)??

[<<  BTW if you're still thinking about putting an I5 in a 924, you might as 
 well stop thinking.  It's not a reasonable project.
 I'm all for unreasonable projects -- that's where the fun is! -- but with an 
 all-alloy 968 or 944T motor in the family, I don't think I'd be looking up 
 the road to Audi for a suitable transplant. >>]

Why not save the headache and just buy a 944T  with the refined chassis, 
four-piston brakes, and better suspension.  By the time you buy a 944t engine 
or ESPECIALLY a 3L 968 engine you have already spent 2/3 of the price of just 
buying a halfway decent car..

For any unreasonable project to be worth your time you have to end up with 
something worth having.  I'm sorry to say, but a 924 with anything 
transplanted will be a losing battle.   You at best would have a fast car 
that couldn't stop, or have the handling to compensate for the extra power.

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