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86 4KCSQ Windscreen Trim Warped

    My '86 4KCSQ front and rear windscreen trim is warped and in need of
help.  On each window there are 4 long pieces connected mid-way on the
sides and top and bottom.  The top two on the front and one upper on the
rear are warped and coming out at certain areas.  There is no leakage so
far as I can tell, but it looks pretty shabby.  Behind the black plastic
trim piece is a shiny metal strip which bulges at the same places as the
    Is this something a shade-tree mechanic can do on his/her own?  Can
a body shop do it?   Or will this have to be an official AoA project?
Help Please!  And Thanks in Advance,
'86 4KCSQ 169K
'95 Sport 90 44K
(Rest in Peace '90 100 "Pearl")