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RE: Non Starting 100

I'd have used Ti's more generic terminology, Avi, except Michael said his
wife already was involved in the investigation.  

Kneale Brownson

At 08:58 AM 9/16/99 -0700, Avi Meron wrote:
>What happens if you are not married?
>Should you get married, to solve the problem?
>What if you are gay (CA question), would it work equally well?
>Is there another way for the none married (aka single) people?
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>If you open the trunk and stand there while your wife turns the key, you'll
>hear the pump if it's working.
>Kneale Brownson
>At 09:41 AM 9/16/99 -0400, Michael  Williams wrote:
>>My 89 100 has been sitting for a few weeks due to a fluid leak in the
>>power steering. I would start it an let it run for about 20 min usually
>>twice a week to make sure everything still worked OK. My last time I did
>>this was last Saturday. I had arranged to take it over to the mechanic
>>yesterday but when my wife tried to start it, it was a NO GO. The engine
>>turned well, plenty of starting power but it just would not start. I
>>told the mechanic and his first question was "Do you hear the fuel pump
>>working?" I was not listening for it at the time but since this is my
>>first Audi I don't know exactly what I should be hearing. If I
>>understand correctly the pump is in the fuel tank accesible through the
>>trunk?? Is there anything special I should be looking for?, listening
>>for?? Any other suggestions??
>>Mike Williams