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Re: Dates of Road America event?

>>> Kind of a catch 22 though.  If I was working I wouldn't be able to go at
>>> anyways.  Why don't they schedule these things for a weekend????
>>Quite simple.  The weekends are too expensive.
>I still don't understand.  More people would be able to participate if it
>were held on a weekend.  More participants = more money used to rent the
>More participants also = more fun for everyone.
>If we couldn't get the track alone, we should host a co-event with BMWCCA
>the Alfa Club (smaller club) to help pay for the track.

There are only so many cars you can cram on a racetrack and have it be fun
for anyone.  Most events are oversubscribed and completely filled, so the
weekend is probably more expensive.  "We" in this case is the qlist, which
does not put on any events at all.  The Quattro Club, which hosts the
events, is a relatively young club and probably cannot get weekends, which
are given to races and older clubs higher on the priority list.  The most
recent North East Region QClub's event at Lime Rock was oversubscribed.
Watkins Glen was, too, I think, before it was cancelled by the track and
moved to October.  BTW, there are still openings, I think.  A club only puts
on joint events when it is too small to fill the track.  My first event ever
was also the QClub's first Watkins Glen event in 1995, which was a joint
event with a local BMW club.

The other club I run with (COMSCC http://www.comscc.org/~comscc/ )  holds
weekend events, but there are many holiday weekends that are not real
popular with most clubs.  (There was a year with Easter/Passover, followed
by Mothers Day, then Memorial Day, then Father's Day, then Indepence Day.)
This year was their first Watkins Glen event, which was also their first
mid-week event.  They were very surprised that it was filled to capacity,
since it was both mid-week and a fairly long drive (New Hampshire is their
"home" track.)

You should be able to find a club that has weekend events.  Some clubs will
require you to own their particular brand of car, if any, but many do not.
As for events during the week, I use my vacation, which I consider

Jack Rich
00 TT (next event: Watkins Glen!)
90 V8