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Re: ur-quattro oil temperature problem


    Some cars have a voltage stabilizer built into the instrument panels to
ensure a constant voltage to the gauges and accurate readings. I've never
looked for it on my Audis, so I can't say it's there, but I would suspect it
is. It is sometimes built into one of the gauges. Perhaps the smoke has been
let out of yours.

Fred Munro
'91 200q  281k km

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From: Dave Eaton <Dave.Eaton@clear.net.nz>
To: 'quattro list' <quattro@audifans.com>
Sent: Wednesday, September 15, 1999 10:35 PM
Subject: ur-quattro oil temperature problem

> as some know, i've been chasing an oil temp problem in the ur-quattro.
> indicated after a "moderate" run with water temperatures warm, but not
> 1) gauge checks out ok.
> 2) i replaced the oil temp thermostat (2 months wait for the parts from
> germany).  access from the bottom is the go here.  no difference to the
> symptoms.  mmmm
> 3) further testing strongly suggests the possibility of a voltage drop in
> the system leading to the oil temperature gauge going skywards e.g. the
> temperature is higher with the beams on high than on dipped, turn off the
> lights, and the oil temperature gauge drops 3 segments.
> anyone seen anything like this, and have any additional comments?
> regards,
> dave
> '95 rs2
> '90 ur-q
> '88 mb 2.3-16