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Re: stiff clutch & long travel


    The clutch pedal height can be adjusted and the Bentley gives the spec -
I believe it is 10mm above the height of the brake pedal.

    The clutch action should be easy and smooth. First check out the pedal
adjustment and linkages - it sounds like the adjustment is way off. The
release system is supposed to be self-adjusting and the slave expands to
take up any slack between the release bearing and the pressure plate. I
would think a bad slave/master would result in some pedal travel without
effect, leading to the opposite of your problem - engagement and release at
low pedal.
    I've seen some comments on stiff clutch action being caused by build-up
of lining dust on the release mechanism, increasing friction.
    Was an OEM clutch installed? Perhaps you have a stiffer "performance"
pressure plate.
    Other listers have reported clutch engagement at low pedal after the
clutch was replaced, which is what you would expect.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  281k km

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Subject: stiff clutch & long travel

> Q list,
> In my 1989 200 quattro - with MC engine the clutch was replaced a year or
> ago according to maintenance records.  The clutch is however VERY STIFF -
> comparison to my 1986 5000 CD quattro. Also the clutch rides almost 2"
> higher than the brake pedal.  Clutch engagement is also at almost fully
> on the travel - at which point my knee almost hits the steering column.
> There is no slipping or anything to indicate the clutch is bad but it is
> certainly different.
> Is it possible that the clutch was changed without the slave cylinder and
> the slave is bad?  Any btdt which matches this experience?  All ideas
> appreciated.
> Thanks
> Colin
> 86 5000CD quattro 355,000 km (for sale $2k US)
> 89 200 quattro 275,000 km