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Re: IA 20V Intake manifolds

The word from Ned is there is no such animal. The one on his 20v is a MTM
with his IA badge on it. The MTM
is a copy of the Tresser manifold, MTM can no longer cast that manifold due
to hazardous waste restrictions (it
contains magesium alloy). If any exist, they will probably be expensive due
to rarity. The only  exhaust  manifolds Ned makes are the RS2 copy & a new
manifold for the 4cyl/20v cars to use an upgraded KKK K16 ( I think) turbo.
Ron Wood-Audis a plenty
82 & 83 Ur-Q
84, 85 & 87 4KQ
87.5 CGT
90 20V Coupe-looking for interesting parts for project
84 A2 rally coupe