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RE: VAG 1552

Their web site was www.carcomp.com <http://www.carcomp.com>  but I can't get
there from here right now. I don't know if they changed their site or maybe
it is just down right now.

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		Ok...where can we get one of those?

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		If you have a laptop computer available to you or a PC you
can put on a cart
		next to the vehicle then but the Carcomp diagnostic program.
You get an
		interface cable and a software program that does every thing
the VAG 1552
		does only better. I was talking with a dealer tech friend of
mine at MH99
		and he commented about how much better Carcomp was compared
to the VAG.
		Usual disclaimers: No Affiliation or connection just an
impressed user.
		Jim Dupree

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				Where can I get an aftermarket VAG 1552
Diagnostic tool -
		anyone used one?
				Estimated Price?

				Peter Merle