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Re: 5000 radiator, family album

rochow@pixelmagic.com wrote:
> 1. Could somebody check the album (or memory) to
> confirm my suspicion that  '84 5000 turbos and non-turbos
> have
> -different  upper rad. hoses (due to turbo)
> -same lower hose
> -actually different radiators?
> On the last point, do they change over the next few
> model years?

I may be wrong but I think the 84 Turbo and NA 5000's had the same 
upper hose. I had a 84T 5000 and it looked the same as my hose on my
86 NA engine.  In 1986 the 5000 turbos went to the water cooled
engine and that is where the hose changed.  You has a smaller hose
coming off of it that went to the cooling pump for the turbo.
 My 89 200 looks like it has the same hose.

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA