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re: Hakkas, Ur-qs and other odd words

>Ti, thanks for the pics from Monterrey.  I think I saw Kent Anderson's Ur-q in
>#10.  He found it in North Dakota in mint condition.  Something for us all to
>dream about, eh?

	i am pretty sure this "dream car" was offered for sale on
	this very mailing list.  at which point, various people on
	this list commenced to flame the *new member* for asking
	"way too much" for this car.  he retreated, tail between
	his legs, at which point KAR of minnesota swooped in and
	bought it for probably $6000 less than it was worth.  at

	he was the first owner of this $41k automobile.  he kept it
	in damn near tupperwear conditions and drove it every now
	and then.  it's pristine condition belies the 45k on the
	odo.  this person invested in a car and was ripped off when
	the time came to get his return.  

	if i am wrong, and this isn't the same red urq that went
	from the farmer in north dakota to KAR via flames on the
	q-list, then i'm sorry.  the story is true, even if the
	vin number might not be exactly right.

 rocky mullin
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