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bad news

Wet news.

As you have seen on the news, the NY area got hit by Trpoical Storm
Floyd tonight.  Don't believe the reports that say it was mild here.

On the way home from getting Chinese food, I opted
to take the back roads since the main road was already flooded out.
Bad choice - from what I gathered, the road collapsed at the point
where my poor CQ was sitting.  Once the car stalled (water over the
hood) that was it.

I had to roll down the window, toss my food on the roof, and climb
out.  Then, swimming to safety in what appeared to be rapids
was a challenge.  From there, swimming across the McDonalds
parking lot, and then inside, where I got to hang out with 20 other
stranded people and the staff.  Unreal.

I'll figure out the extent of the damage tomorrow.  I'm hoping the car
is just wet and not hydrolocked.

Needless to say, those of you who were about to buy the car will have
to wait and see what happens.
Dan Simoes