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Re: [Fwd: 86 4ksq rev limiter]

In a message dated 9/16/99 6:54:39 PM Mountain Daylight Time, 
rob.morse@ns.sympatico.ca writes:

<< Hi all!
  I'm a newbee,so pleeeeaasssseeee be gentle.....
   I am now the proud parts buyer, er um, OWNER of 1 1986 4000s quattro
   it is in very decent shape bodywise (I'm in nova Scotia can. a VERY
 nasty place
  for rust) AND the car runs beautifully but........
     When I got the car the temp gauge did not work. Got home and noticed
 the sensor
  on the thermostat housing was unplugged. I hooked it back up and the
  works flawlessly; my problem is the low coolant idiot light starts
 flashing the second
  you turn the key to "ON" without even having started the engine
   After following the threads for a bit I understand that there is also
 a sensor for coolant
  mixture...could this be the cause?

When you first turn on the ignition the light always flashes to let you know 
that it is working prop. Should go out before it starts flashing again and if 
it does flash again in under say 30 sec then your coolant is low if it takes 
a while then you have a problem other than low coolant.  If you read your 
owners manual you would know how this works if you don't have an owners 
manual GET ONE as it is really helpful and only 18 compared to the 80 of a 
Bentley which doesn't tell you these things anyway.
      next (related?) question::: (not related.)
        the car starts instantly and runs smoothly and flawlessly and
 pulls hard until approx.

    Sounds way to early to me should run all the way up to 6300

rpm according to the tach. at this point the engine cuts out (it
 is definitely some
   kind of rev limiter in my opinion/experiences) 
   the engine will run all day at 5074 rpm but will not go
 higher.....unless you clutch it and
  pour on the fuel(actually,it still cuts out, but reciprocating inertia
 carries the revs higher)
Could your tach be wrong?  Maybe your ECM is faulty.  Maybe bad fuel pump 

Is this related to the temp sensor? i.e.: is the engine sensing an
 overheat condition  
  and limiting the revs in a "limp home" mode?

ECM in this car doesn't have a limp home mode that I am aware of.

After this I don't know what to tell you.

   I have precisely zero info with the car....my Bentley manual is
 already on order though!
    So many questions.....
     next::: the console rotary dial for the diff locks: pos #1 light
 comes on (yaayyy!!)
               how can i tell if diff is ACTUALLY locked ????
               pos #2 light does not come on do'oh!!
                          found vacuum line at rear diff plugged with a
 bolt (sigh, why don't people
                          just get things fixed when they go awry??)
                          i plugged line back onto diff fitting.... still
 no dash light (burnt-out?)
                          the car idles smoothly at 1000 rpm (should be
 800) after hooking up
                          vacuum line, car now idles at 1150 or so.....
                          idle also seems to vary, sometimes 1150 or 1000
 or 1500 or 900
                           or etc.  it can be different every time you
 stop at a light.....
                      question:::: a/c not working....i depressed the ac
 schrader valve and got a
                                       tiny little pffft of
 pressure, obvious need for a leak check/
                                       re-charge....if engine is sensing
 an overheat condition,,does it
                                      not kill the a/c to reduce engine
                      question:::(last one for today, i swear!!)
                                        my clutch linkage is worn, i know
 about the repair procedure
                                        for pin etc.
                                       previous owner swears to a recent
 clutch assembly/slave cyl.
                                       and i can see the new hyd. line
                                       problem::: clutch engages about
 1/2 inch off of being buried
                                                       in the
 carpet!!!!! clutch travel is all over and done
                                                       in the next 2
                                                         Any thoughts?
 your humbled reader
 rob morse
 Thought for the day: the lord looks after fools and little
 children (and rookie Audi fans)?
   86 4ksq
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 smells like....someone
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