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RE: TAP chip

Not to take anything away from Scott, but one thing to consider, if you are
in CA, is that Ned's 10v solution is CARB certified--I don't know if any
other vendors are.  If I recall correctly, Ned has not submitted the 20v
chips for CARB approval--he described the process as a PITA he didn't
really want to do again.


At 10:25 9/16/99 -0700, Lewis, Gary M wrote:
>Glen said;
>> I *strongly* recommend the IA mod for the 10V turbo cars. BTDT. Works
>> great
>> for many years and many miles at 15 PSI. Original 85 ur-q engine was still
>> running strong at >195,000 miles with the IA mod installed for well over
>> 100,000 miles of the 195K total. It works. The engines live. Worth the
>> bux.
>> -glen
>I have no direct experience with IA.  However, everyone who has had
>experience with IA hasn't had any complaints.  I suspect Ned makes a great
>product, I just think he is priced high (but getting better).  
>I have had experience with Scott Mockry's 10v chips and springs, and they
>have performed excellently.  They are significantly less expensive than
>Ned(on the order of 50% of Ned's cheaper prices), and I know Scott does
>extensive testing on all his products.  No hacks, diodes, pressure
>regulators, etc, just a nice eprom/spring solution, same as Ned.  This is
>for the 10v stuff only, I don't think he has a 20vt solution yet.
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