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FS: H&R springs from an '87 5k...

These were originally on my '87 5k and were transplanted to my mother's '87 
5kw car since it was easier to swap  the shock and strut assemblies complete 
than to break them down and swap over her stock springs.  Well, as it turns 
out, she doesn't like the ride quality nor the ride height (about an inch 
lower) so I'll be swapping them again this weekend to make her happy.

If anybody's interested, these springs are designed for the FWD Type 44 cars 
but will also fit the quattro versions as well ... as I recall, the only 
difference between the FWD and AWD sets was a slightly stiffer rear spring 
rate.  I am asking $100 plus shipping for the set and can ship them on 
Monday, along with all of the other parts that have been gathering dust in my 
dining room (sorry for the delay, guys).