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Re: RS2 (K24/K26)??

OorQue@aol.com decided to speak these words:

>That said, were I trying to build a 
>sleeper 924, I'd start with the '87 924s as it already has most of the 944 
>goodies except for the motor, which it should accomodate fairly easily.  
>Around here, they're not very common but they do tend to be cheap, which is 
>yet another plus for it.

Actually, from what i know, it does have the motor, gearbox and 
suspension, the wheels arent as big, the fenders arent flaired 
(unfortunately), and the interior is that of the pre-84.5 944's.  Other 
than that, it is basically 944, which is why i hear that it is the 
auto-xers love it because it is also lighter than the 944.....


Michael Sheridan Williams
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