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RE: There is Bentley and then there is Bentley

You have to remember that the Bentley manuals for VW/Audi are carbon copies 
of the factory versions,  as they print and produce them for the 
dealerships under contract from VoA.  So the info is direct from the 
factory.  The BMW and SAAB versions are written by Bentley and so they are 
able to follow a different format.

Daniel Jones
Ex dealer tech
Start working for Bentley Monday.

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From:	DeWitt Harrison [SMTP:de@aztek-eng.com]
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Subject:	There is Bentley and then there is Bentley

Keep in mind that my experience with Bentley service manuals
heretofore is the two volume set for the Audi 5000/5000TQs and a
little exposure to the follow-on, three volumes for the 200s.   I just
received the Bentley for the 635 CSi.  Granted it's a less sophisticated
- one could say less unnecessarily complex  - automobile than
the quattro. Still this Bentley is one quarter the thickness, is
clearly organized with a real subject index rather than a table
of contents masquerading as an index. It even shows how
to install the door handles!

What were they thinking when they did the Audi books? That
Audi mechanics are so smart that they find normal service
materials boring?

DeWitt Harrison
Boulder, CO
88 5kcstq
87 635 CSi (with one more month before going into the barn for
   the winter)