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RE: Running the yellow nonsense (was Re: Ticket help)

And while I'm at it, "Federal Law", as you put it, has no effect on any
State traffic laws.  There is no "Federal Law" regarding traffic, speed
limits, signs, etc.  It is all purely state-by-state.

The Constitution maks no mention of traffic laws, either.  Other than to
ensure the State's rights to make such decisions for themselves.

I assume you missed all this in High School?


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DC *is* the federal government, it is not a part of any of the 50 states!  

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From: Luis Marques [mailto:marques@raytheon.com]

Give me a break!!  And I thought that all 50 states in the US followed
the same federal traffic code!  This is complete and total BS.  How can
you stop for a yellow if you don't get any warnings???  That's what the
yellow is for, to warn you that the red is coming up.  It's as good as
green as far as "running the red" is concerned, and there is no "running
the yellow".  If there is, it's an illegal (or is that
unconstitutional?) law.  In any case, Federal Law overrules whatever
mickey mouse revenew-enhancing ordinance a city has in place unless they
put up a BIG sign telling you about it (and it may still be

-Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq