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Re: bad news

Hey Damn, be GLAD that your OK!  Don't worry about the car.  If you turned it 
off as soon as the water got high, then you will be fine.  If you did that 
"A6 goes deep sea diving on NBC" then you need to worry.

Jason C
89 200t10v
Redmond WA

In a message dated 9/17/99 1:08:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
knotnook@traverse.com writes:

> >I'll figure out the extent of the damage tomorrow.  I'm hoping the car
>  >is just wet and not hydrolocked.
>  >
>  >Needless to say, those of you who were about to buy the car will have
>  >to wait and see what happens.
>  >-- 
>  >Dan Simoes
>  >dans@audifans.com/dans@vwfans.com
>  >www.audifans.com/www.vwfans.com