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RE: TAP chip - How would they know?

John said:

> If one subsequently moved to CA, how would they know whether your car had
> a
> modified chip or not?
Excellent question John.  My Scott Mo chipped ECU has passed CA smog twice,
once in the 88 5kcstq, once in the 86 5kcst 5sp.  Even if they looked (and
what kind of knucklehead would except one of us), I can't imagine anyone
without specific knowledge of an Audi ECU would know what they were looking

The reason I started this thread was simply to tell folks that the resistor
pressure transducer bypass or the pressure regulator/Fuel Pump bypass aren't
the only fairly inexpensive ways of modding a 10vt, and can be hazardous to
an engines health.  Both Scott and Ned offer solutions that work.  I have
BTDT on Scott's stuff, you've heard my testimony, others have spoken about
Ned's stuff, which is considered good as well.  This was never meant to be a
Scott vs. Ned thread, although thank God it hasn't gotten nasty yet.  Maybe
a Tor$en comment can turn that around...  :-)


Gary Lewis 
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