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Re: 2.5/2.6l (was k24/26 hybrid aka RS2) - Crank, Rods & clearances??

OorQue@aol.com wrote:
> > Can't this be done by just changing out the crank & rods?  i.e. go from the
> >  86.4mm stroke crank to the 92.8mm?
> This obviously depends upon which pistons you're starting with but I 
> seriously doubt it.  If the deck height of the block stays the same, then the 
> additional stroke has to be accomodated by either raising the pin height of 
> the piston (which is the best approach) or running shorter rods (which is a 
> highly questionable approach).  

What are the negatives to using shorter rods?



> Here in the US, Eurospec put together a crank-and-pistons kit for the 20v 
> non-turbo motors that ran about $2k (I don't know if they ever got around to 
> doing one for the 10v motors or not) 

Also, they will refer you to a dealer, like http://www.gprparts.com