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Re: stronger exhaust manifold studs?

The 1.5 refers to the thread pitch. We call them course or fine thread, and
sometimes refer to the number of threads per inch, whereas the metrics
typically state what the thread is. I believe it means 1.5mm from thread to
thread. Bottom line - you need 1.5 pitch.
Best Regards,
Tim Leonard
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From: Marc A Swanson <mswanson@cisunix.unh.edu>
To: quattro@audifans.com <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Friday, September 17, 1999 7:18 PM
Subject: stronger exhaust manifold studs?

>I called up ARP today(www.arp-bolts.com)because amongst other things I
>wanted to get replacements for the EM studs, but ARP said that they don't
>make any studs smaller than 10mm thread...  The EM studs are 8mm, and I
>really want to avoid getting these from the dealer because they seem
>weak.  Anybody know where I can go to get good strong replacements?
>Also, What about the head studs and connection rod bolts?  Family
>Pictures lists the
>head bolts(I think I want to use studs instead.. comments?) as M11X1,5X96
> which I decipher as 11mm thread and 96 mm long(anybody know what the
>middle # is for?).  96mm seems a bit short to me.. is this correct?  Also,
>Family Pictures lists the connecting rod bolts as M9,5X1F which I can't
>make heads or tails of.  Can anybody shed somome light on this?  Any other
>bolts/studs in the motor that I should replace while I'm there?  I would
>just measure these myself, but the motor is at the shop and I haven't
>found time to get there.
> Thanks
>87 4kcsq awaiting turbo
>87 5ktq  donor