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Re: Surprise, surprise

In message <002b01bf0113$3c30c9e0$b11ebbd1@frankens> "Frank Martin" writes:

> >Most worrying - at 104k miles and with the only documented cam belt
> >change at 84k miles, there's no evidence on the invoices that the
> >water pump and idler were changed.

> Go right ahead and order them now. The service papers that came with my
> 200TQ (recently sold) indicated a timing belt change at ~72,000 miles. No
> mention of water pump change, which did make me wonder. The pump let loose
> with a gush at 135,400 miles, luckily while parked right in front of my
> house.

Much too late - already ordered from Pete Reeve at quattro Corner.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
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