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Re: stronger exhaust manifold studs?


    You could try to find some 8 mm supertanium grade (grade 12) bolts and
make your own studs. These bolts have higher tensile strength than the more
common grade 5 or 8 bolts.
    Don't bother with stainless steel; unless it is one of the duplex
stainless steels(which are not very common yet in North America), it will
likely be weaker than grade 5 steel.


Fred Munro
'91 200q  281k km
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From: Marc A Swanson <mswanson@cisunix.unh.edu>
To: <quattro@audifans.com>
Sent: Friday, September 17, 1999 6:35 PM
Subject: stronger exhaust manifold studs?

> I called up ARP today(www.arp-bolts.com)because amongst other things I
> wanted to get replacements for the EM studs, but ARP said that they don't
> make any studs smaller than 10mm thread...  The EM studs are 8mm, and I
> really want to avoid getting these from the dealer because they seem
> weak.  Anybody know where I can go to get good strong replacements?
> Also, What about the head studs and connection rod bolts?  Family
> Pictures lists the
> head bolts(I think I want to use studs instead.. comments?) as M11X1,5X96
>  which I decipher as 11mm thread and 96 mm long(anybody know what the
> middle # is for?).  96mm seems a bit short to me.. is this correct?  Also,
> Family Pictures lists the connecting rod bolts as M9,5X1F which I can't
> make heads or tails of.  Can anybody shed somome light on this?  Any other
> bolts/studs in the motor that I should replace while I'm there?  I would
> just measure these myself, but the motor is at the shop and I haven't
> found time to get there.
>  Thanks
> -Marc-
> 87 4kcsq awaiting turbo
> 87 5ktq  donor