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Re: Running the yellow nonsense (was Re: Ticket help)

> > > And while I'm at it, "Federal Law", as you put it, has no effect on
> > > any State traffic laws.  There is no "Federal Law" regarding traffic,
> > > speed limits, signs, etc.  It is all purely state-by-state.

> > I suppose that's why **ALL** road signs and "traffic control devices"
> > more or less the same in every state??  And why every state has the car
> > driving on the right side of the street??  I suppose the federally
mandated 55
> > mph speed limit in place for something like 20 years was just a mith??

well they have no actual say in the matter but they will with hold federal
funding to the states that do not comply to the 55mph thing, which they
finally lifted last year. so where the federal govt can not make them change
traffic laws it is in best interest of the state to follow their
> >
> >
> > > I assume you missed all this in High School?
> >
> > Are you even out of high school?  Or college?  Berhaps a political
> > course is in order...  now let's please go back to the scheduled Audi
> >
hmmm, I seem to remember learning about that in school, maybe we went to
different schools?

Mike Guidotti
87 5KTQ