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Re: quicky fusible link for fan motor protection

True enough- the Audi part is not much more expensive- it was a matter of
circumstance. I had: a dealer which marks everything above list who couldn't get it
for me within a week...time constraints which precluded ordering from Carlsen,
Blau, or wherever. I could get the audio fuse immediately. I had to take the car on
a 150 mile highway run *the next day*, and I could live with the fan dying (watch
that gauge!) but not the harness burning up. Also (grin), the gold terminal clear
holder just looked nicer...

DeWitt Harrison wrote:

> On Fri, 17 Sep 1999 03:20:37 -0700, Rob wrote:
> >This talk of fusible links for fans (type 44) reminds me of the last project I
> >undertook on my 5kcst before it was traded in on the CGT this summer. I found
> >that a suitable fuse could be purchased from any high-end car audio shop. I
> >used an 80 amp Rockford Fosgate fuse and holder (polycarbonate with o-rings,
> >gold plated terminals)- sorry for no PN, but either a RF, Phoenix Gold, or
> >Monster Cable dealer should be able to get you something similar in the $20
> >range. This fuse setup looks like an upsized version of the old tube-style
> >fuses. HTH,
> The same money will get you the Audi fusible link and hardware including
> a slick mounting bracket. My only reservation about the Audi arrangement
> is that the housing is not waterproof. There have been reports on this list
> of the links failing from corrosion. I've taken the precaution of spaying
> battery terminal varnish over the link element and terminal screws. So far,
> no sign that it gets hot.
> DeWitt Harrison
> Boulder, CO
> 88 5kcstq
> 87 635 CSi