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Re: 2.5/2.6l (was k24/26 hybrid aka RS2) - Crank, Rods &clearances??

>  According to my calculations (which are suspect this late in the work day) 
>  2.5L Eurovan crank (95.5mm stroke) in a 2.3L Audi engine (82.5mm bore) 
>  net 2671cc engine.

The formula for calculating displacement is: (( bore x bore x stroke x pi ) / 
4000 ) x No. of cylinders

Plug numbers in the above and you'll find an I5 motor with a 95.5mm stroke 
and 82.5mm bore displaces 2552.53 cc; one with an 83mm bore displaces 2583.56 
cc ... only BMW would have the chutzpah to label this as a 2.7L motor.   

>  I have no idea if the 2.5L crank will fit in a 2.3L block

It will ... eventually.  ;^)

> JE Pistons will make almost any piston configuration you could want though.

Indeed ... they made mine.  :^)