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More headlight talk

So, I just picked up my new lights for my '82 audi coupe. Rather than
get Euros, I picked up a pair of Bosch sbq-46 H4 units. For $90 plus $18
per Hella H4+30 bulb I thought it was the best deal I could find.
Besides, I got a slight discount.

Anyway, I have learned that stock wiring just doesn't cut the mustard.
So what do I have to do, I know how to do things, but in this case, I
have to admit that I am not very professed. Where do I install the
relay, if needed and what wiring setup am I aiming for. How is the
switch going to work etc.

You have all been excellent help in the past, which I am gracious for,
and any info would be great.


geordie clarke