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Re: Exhaust Manifold for a MC Turbo engine

>  > And let's not forget about the completely uncracked EM I just removed 
from my
>  > '89 200q at 143k, either.  Although it certainly seems like they all 
>  > (and I'm as guilty as anyone when it comes to perpetuating the myth), the
>  > truth is not *all* of them do...
>  Had you renewed the engine mounts at any point?

Nope, nor had the previous owner (I bought the car at 82k) ... however, when 
I pulled the motor, I found that both were broken -- literally, the top half 
had separated from the bottom! -- as well as one of the tranny mounts.  The 
car started idling roughly about two weeks before the motor died but I'm not 
sure when the motor mounts let go.  I do know that I checked the passenger 
side engine mount when I replaced the bomb earlier this year and it was fine