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Re: stronger exhaust manifold studs?

At 11:22 PM 17/09/99 -0700, Aidan McLeer wrote:
> If the manifold is surfaced when it is off the car and use the new style
>studs you should have no more problems with broken studs. (if you dont over
>tighten the nuts, using the proper style gaskets)

Resurfacing a broken (and repaired) manifold  was a  the solution that was
posed for cracking exhust manifolds on the 'Talon' mail list.
I think the thought was that once the manifold had been suceessfull
'warped' , it would not warp anymore. Resurface to account for the warp,
and all should be fine.

(So the theory goes...!)


Frank de Kat 
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

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