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Re: CIS injector fun...

Worst so far - the JS engine (same hydraulic head as an MC or MB) off
John Robinson's Passat, sometime last year.

Eventually we wound up with the head bolted to an old railway sleeper (I
think you guys call them 'ties').  My 18-year-old (swimmer) son had the
three foot pry bar, and I had charge of making sure the two
hundredweight railway sleeper didn't leave the ground.

Mine was worse, Phil. On my '86 4KS 4 cyl engine. The injector split right
at the o ring. I panicked, but was able to cut the o ring with a thin knife
and remove segments until the injector half was freed from the head. Had a
grip of the injector after getting a screw tapped into the center to use as
a handle. Just gently lifted the injector out and breathed a sigh of relief.
Lucky for me, Doyt Echelberger had sent me an injector attached to an
injector line (the line had broken and that was the impetus of the job in
the first place). Thanks, Doyt, I have not forgotten!

86 4KCSQ Daily Driver
86 4KS      Spare