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Wanna have a HOT BUTT? (not spam - Dan put an end to that)

Drive a Quattro and fix your seat heaters. Here's how. Go to Huw Powells web
site and visit my seat heater repair page. Here's the URL.


With a _great deal_ of help from Huw, I figured the seat heaters out and
understand the basic underlying concepts of their function. Feel free to
call upon me for assistance.

Huw, very humbly, figured his assistance was about 2% of my effort. I
This is an outline of what he did:

o - Numerous emails discussing the subject, leading to a prolonged telephone
conversation where Huw helped me understand the wiring schematic in Bentley
and how to use a multimeter to figure proper voltage and resistance. This
gave me the confidence and analytic ability to jump into the job. (was lots
of fun talking Audis with Huw)

o - Created an HTML template as input to his web site.

o - Edited my HTML document to improve cosmetics as well as assigning
himself only 2% credit for assistance. (I don't think so, but it's your
site, Huw :-)  )

Anyhow, I would like to thank Huw for all his help and invite all to check
out the page and call upon me for assistance. The URL once again.


86 4KCSQ Daily Driver
86 4KS      Spare