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Re: Rear spring/shock replacement on 5k

At 10:01 AM 18/09/99 GMT, Eyvind Spangen wrote:
>How do I get the nut on the top of the shock off? A socket doesn't
>work - it will just turn the whole rod in the shock, and I can't
>figure out how to get it loose without some VAG tool that I don't have
>access to..

On a 4000, where the top of the strut rod had a hex hole (Where you could
put an allen key in, if you did not need to have the socket on the nut at
the same time!), the 'mechanics friend', the air gun works great , without
need of the special tool (worked for me, anyway)! 

If a 5000 is the same... 
Perhaps go to a shop, get them to spin the nut off, put the nut  back on
snug (But not tight) and drive back home VERY CAREFULLY, then undo it at
your leisure?


Frank de Kat 
Dundas, Ontario, Canada

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