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Violent back-off!

Hey guys...

I have a problem with my '89.5 200TQ, which seems to have gotten worse
recently.  I'd like to hear about others with similar symptoms and how there
were treated / resolved.

When I am under acceleration and then quickly back off the gas, I get a
violent jerk or jolt and hesitiation then it begins to decel normally.  I
used to only feel this slightly when under hard acceleration and then
comming off the gas, but now I feel this phenomenon moderately all time
(even at very low speeds) and it is VIOLENT when I back off quickly under
hard acceleration.  It almost feels as if I could snap the prop shaft (which
is my major concern).

Items I am pointing to are the decel valve (don't really know what it does),
MAF (mass air-flow sensor) is misalighned, or I just very badly need new
motor and tranny mounts ....

Also, what are the symptoms that tell you the prop (driveshaft) has gone
bad?  This almost feels as if it could be a problem in the propshaft itself.
Mine tends to clunk a bit when engaging in first, but it's been doing that
for a while.

Any thoughts, ideas, or advice would be greatly appreciated!