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Orphaned Audi-Dudi web sites...

While digging up the photo of the two-piece EM, I "re-discovered" my orphaned 
web pages ... among other things, there's a photo of an RS2 Comp turbo, 
Graydon Stuckey's 3" 5ktq/200q downpipe, Treser 4000 and 5000 cars and a 
whole host of other things.  Check it out: 
http://www.mindspring.com/~audidudi/HTML ... dropping the "HTML" extension 
will get you some other pages and/or earlier versions of some pages.  I also 
put up some pages at the delphi.com domain ages ago and they may still be 
available too ... I don't recall the URL but the only thing to see there were 
all the photos -- must have been 30 or 40 of them! -- of various Audi factory 
race cars that I posted.

Although I still haven't gotten my "audidudi.com" domain up yet, I've been 
working on some original material and photos for what will be my new (and 
perhaps final) Audi site so stay tuned...