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Re: Audis in movies

Keith Hi,

I can not answer you about the UK market but here in Greece the Cabriolet
was NEVER available as a quattro and it is still sold new from the dealers.

On the other hand it is known that in the UK an AUDI mechanic has created a
Cabriolet equipped with RS2 mechanical parts including powertrain.
So at least one quattro Cabriolet exists.

Regards from Greece
Pantelis Giamarellos

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Subject: Re: Audis in movies

>I'm sorry, I know everyone but Huw and I hate it when people cite these but
>Sliding Doors (with Gywenth Paltrow) has a few good shots of a mistress to
>Gywenth's boyfreind driving around in a nice dark (blue?) Cabriolet. Not a
>quattro. MRealAC: Did Cabriolets come in quattro? in England? are they
>being sold over there?