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Re: Idle Switch Resistance?

Alexander van Gerbig writes:
>     I checked the resistance on my idle switch today and if I remember a
> listers reference the resistance should be 4k ohms or 4 ohms can't remember.
> The resistance on my my switch was 0.4 ohms and infinity at open throttle,
> does this seem right.  Bentley does not have this test nor does it have
> resistance listed.

It's just a switch, not a resistor.  So the correct reading should be
normally open (infinity), and closed (close to zero ohms) when at idle
position.  Your reading of 0.4 ohms is pretty close to zero (contact
resistance and meter calibration comes into play here).  Thus, your
switch is fine.  Just make sure it's aligned correctly so that it
is indeed closed at idle and open as soon as you press down on the

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